How to use custom fonts?

How to use custom fonts?

Due to possible security and licensing issues, we cannot add third-party fonts to our server. However, we have a Self-hosted that will allow you to install custom fonts. The Self-hosted is on-premise and requires to be hosted in your infrastructure.

Here's a comparison of our Cloud and Self-hosted

Please let us know if you're interested in the Self-hosted.

Another way to use custom fonts is through the HTML to PDF API. There are two ways that you can use custom fonts in your HTML template.

  • You can use custom fonts or find fonts similar to what you'd like to use in Google Web Fonts
  • You can embed fonts hosted from another resource

You can read about HTML Template to PDF here

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    Thank you for your fast answer. Unfortunately, I can't work with HTML templates. I have a base PDF where I need to replace the text inputs and I can't convert this template to HTML (I tried around 10 differents PDF to HTML converters, including yours, and it just doesn't work at all)

    Concerning, the "on demand" and "dedicate server", isn't it too much for 150-200 documents per month? (It seems I made a mistake when entering our monthly document volume)

    Have a good day

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