List of Document Parser Special Functions

Here are the list of Special Functions and their uses:


  • $$funcFindCompany
  • $$funcFindCompanyNext
  • $$funcFindMaxNumber
  • $$funcFindMaxDate
  • $$funcFindMinDate


This searches for the company name. The Document Parser contains a large embedded list of existing companies. If company name from this list is not found, the function tries to detect company name by typical postfix like "Ltd.", "Inc.", "Corp.", etc.





This searches for another company name after the position of the first found company name.





This finds maximal number in the text that matches the {{Money}} macro (decimal number with optional currency symbol).





This finds maximal date in the text that matches the {{SmartDate}} macro (dates in the most common national formats). This is very useful when looking up the due date of a document.





This finds minimal date in the text. This is very useful when looking up the issued date of a document.




To learn more about the Document API, check out our API Docs here.




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